Special internet projects, a.k.a. ‘non-standard projects’ or simply ’non-standards', have long since become an essential ingredient of the on-line advertising market.

Mail.Ru Group offers the following non-standard activities:

  • sponsorships of projects & sections;
  • contests, polls & votings;
  • original event-based projects, e.g. ’Christmas’, World Cup’ or ’Summer’;
  • new special content sections or full-blown projects;
  • original advertising applications for & Moy;
  • integration of ad elements into the site’s interface;
  • placement & announcement of branded gift cards;
  • specific PR actions: news, articles, on-line conferences;
  • specific BTL actions: polls, surveys, data base creation, cross-traffic among projects.

We welcome all your ideas and will be happy to provide recommendations how to best employ our projects in order to make these ideas a success.

Select activities and offers

There is an increasing market demand for a number of specific non-standard activities.

Mobile Special Projects

1) оn our content sites

2) in our social networks

3) collaboratively developed branded mobile applications, announced on mobile versions of our projects

Integration into games and game applications Group’s Games is one of the most rapidly developing divisions of the company.

You can benefit from the following types of placement:
1) integration into Group’s existing games and game applications;
2) integration into top game applications developed by our partners;

Please feel free to contact Dmitrii Maltcev at . for more information regarding placement in or mini-games, and Elena Fokina at . for integration in game applications on &

Assistance in research

On-line research offers better cost- and time-efficiency vs. its off-line analogues. We will be happy to provide you with the following research options:
1) single-step branded or non-branded research;
2) multi-step branded or non-branded research;
3) effectiveness tracking of your advertising campaigns and/or special projects on a short- and long-term basis (yearly or longer);
4) development of tailor-made tools to answer your research objectives.

Long-term multi-platform solutions as part of strategic brand communications

Long-term multi-platform solutions imply deep integration into the existing products of the company.