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  • General requirements for banners
  • Technical requirements HTML5 Display Ads
  • Technical Specifications for Video Banners with autoplay

  • General requirements for banners

    1. File size should not exceed 60Kb for GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF banners and 150 KB for html5 banners.
    2. No transparent background. Fully filled banner's space with readable borders.
    3. Banners for regional partners must contain 21 pixels free space on top, to place a headline. Example.
    4. We will not publish banner if:

      ∙It contains any interface elements

      ∙ Contains any irritants

      ∙ Similar to porno sites advertisement.

    5. No 3-rd party codes

    6. Independent audit of impressions and clicks events is possible using the following systems: AdFox, AdRiver, DoubleClick, Gemius, Mediascope, Weborama.
    7. Animation control should load CPU less then 60% in the maximum level and 40% in the average level

    Technical requirements HTML5 Display Ads

    1. .zip file should include .html file and all referenced assets
    2. allowed asset file types: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .css, .js, .svg
    3. maximum .zip file size: 150 Kb
    4. file names must be Latin
    5. character set for text files: utf-8
    6. clickable area with %link1% macro as destination URL required
    7. clickthrough links should open in new window
    8. <meta name="ad.size"> tag with creative size required
    9. should work correctly in browsers: IE 10+, Firefox 28+, Safari 6+, Chrome 18+, Edge, Opera 15+
    10. backup image or graceful degradation for unsupported browsers required
    11. banner should not use any external resources
    12. it is forbidden to use link1, link2 ... link10 as file names used in the banner

    clickTag for single link banners:

    <a href="%link1%" target="_blank">link1</a>

    clickTag for multi link banners (maximum 5 links):

    <a href="%link1%" target="_blank">link1</a>
    <a href="%link2%" target="_blank">link2</a>
    <a href="%link3%" target="_blank">link3</a>
    <a href="%link4%" target="_blank">link4</a>
    <a href="%link5%" target="_blank">link5</a>

    meta "ad.size" tag sample (for 300х300 banner):

    <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=300">

    Sample HTML5 creative

    Technical Specifications for Video Banners with autoplay

    By default video banner has build-in video player with it’s own controls (buttons “Play / Pause", “sound on / off" ) . The player also has its own statistics system, which allows to collect all VAST statistics:

    • Sound on / off
    • Pressing the Play / Pause
    • Viewing progress: 25,50,75,100 % of video duration

    Any event could be additionally counted with third-party audit system pixel.

    Video banners capabilities:

    • Default video banners start automatically
    • Video banner may have no sound (“sound on / off” button will not be displayed)
    • Video could be looped (in this case total amount of plays is counting)
    • Video can occupy any banner’s area and could be displaced vertically or horizontally (exact dimensions of the video and the offset in pixels should be defined)

    Video file specifications:

    1. Duration - 30 seconds or less;
    2. Maximum size - 2MB.
    3. Video resolution - 640x360 or video can occupy any banner’s area (example, 240х400 или 300х300).
    4. Stream specification:
      • Video Bitrate: 400-450 kbit / s. Frame rate: up to 25FPS.
      • Audio Bit rate: 80-100 kbit / s. Volume is 30dB or less
      • Overall Bit rate: 480-550 kbit / s
    5. Video format:
      • MP4 (MPEG- 4 ) video codecs H.264, audio codec - AAC
    6. Videos must not be misleading, it can not contain UI elements, etc..
    7. For the case when the user does not have Flash, additional picture (GIF, JPG, PNG) must be provided. It’s dimensions should be corresponded to the banner’s slot size.

    Video banners samples:

    Portal has the right to decline placement of advertising materials if they do not comply with portal’s policies.